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Apr 15, 2023

Just like what’s under the bread in a sandwich. GSO Orthodontics uses X-rays and CBCT (Cone beam computed tomography) scans to check below the surface to look for extra teeth, missing teeth, impacted teeth or teeth coming into the wrong positions at no additional charge to the patient.

Why is looking below the surface so important?

Well, some things may be hiding that can only be seen through X-rays and CBCT imaging. Impacted teeth may prevent adult teeth from erupting properly. Sometimes, an impacted tooth can even harm the roots of neighboring teeth, cause crowding and may cause already erupted teeth to move into unhealthy positions.

If you do have an “invisible” orthodontic problem, an early check-up and X-ray may help you avoid more costly, invasive treatments down the road.

It may be easier for an orthodontist to identify and correct a problem when it is forming rather than waiting for it to fully develop.

You wouldn’t skip a well-check at the pediatrician, and you shouldn’t skip an early trip to the orthodontist either. A visit to your orthodontist by age 7 will help keep your child’s oral health in check to see if they could benefit from early treatment.  Just because your general dentist has not referred you does not mean you cannot visit the orthodontist for an exam. GSO offers free consultations with X-rays or a CBCT if needed to make sure your teeth are coming in properly or let you know of any missing teeth and a recommended orthodontic treatment plan.

Trust an GSO Orthodontist

You can work with a GSO Orthodontist to achieve a healthy, beautiful smile at any age. Orthodontists are experts in orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics – properly aligned teeth and jaws – and possess the skills and experience to give you your best smile. Schedule your free consultation today at

HAVE QUESTIONS FOR GSO? We are here to help you “Love Your Smile”! A confident smile is something you can share! As a top rated orthodontist in Atlanta and Duluth, GSO has special offers, paid-in-full discounts and flexible payment options so that you can get your affordable braces today. Please call us at 770-659-7286 or click to schedule your free consultation.

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