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Feb 11, 2021 Braces Today

Flowers and candy are on the traditional Valentine shopping list. However, if your Valentine is wearing braces this year, your options become more limited. There’s no need to be worried! Our doctors and team at Georgia School of Orthodontics have some sweet Valentine-approved braces-friendly advice.

Let’s start with some alternatives where Cupid’s arrow has missed the target.

• Caramels— Sticky, chewy foods can damage wires and brackets. These treats are difficult to clean during orthodontic treatment.
• Nuts covered in chocolate—hard foods like nuts can break or bend wires and brackets.
• Different variety of chocolate— There are bound to be some nuts or caramel hidden beneath an innocent coat of chocolate, ready to wreck your Valentine’s evening.
• Taffy, licorice, and hard candy – These are also a no go. Remember, anything chewy, sticky, or hard is off the list!

So, which chocolaty sweets won’t destroy hearts or braces?

• Soft truffles—it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without a ribboned box of chocolates, so fill it with soft truffles.
• Chocolate mousse – It’s the ideal way to end a romantic meal.
• Chocolate-covered strawberries—a treat fit for a special occasion that won’t harm braces.
• A rich chocolate cake – always a treat, and it’s even better when it’s in the shape of a heart.

If your Valentine isn’t a chocolate lover, there are plenty of other sweet treats to choose from.

• Cherries (pitted!) can be added to the top of the cheesecake for a festive touch.
• Use decorative icing to make soft heart-shaped cookies even more romantic—add your initials for a personal touch.
• Choose from a variety of pink-hued frozen yogurt, ice cream, and gelato.
• Macarons are also available in a variety of pink and red hues—just make sure they’re on your Valentine’s braces-friendly list!

Of course, you don’t have to pay sugary tributes to mark the occasion. A single flower, a movie night with your partner, or, best of all, a heartfelt card or letter are all great ways to express your affection. However, if a holiday isn’t complete without a sweet treat, try one of our suggestions. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated by your Valentine.

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