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The Importance of Retainers

The purpose of retainers is exactly that—to “retain” the new position of your teeth. Without proper retainer wear following the completion of your orthodontic treatment, your teeth will start to “relapse” or have a tendency to move back to their previous positions—especially in cases where your teeth were very rotated, crowded or spaced. Retainers are only provided to Georgia School of Orthodontics patients at the completion of their treatment as we are a start to finish program.

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Retainer Care

Rinse the retainer in cold water

Rinse the retainer in cold water every time you take it out and before you put it back in. Do not rinse the retainer in hot water; doing so will cause it to shrink.

Brush the retainer
Brush the retainer after each meal with cool to lukewarm water and a soft toothbrush. Do not brush the retainer with toothpaste, as it can scratch the surface.
Store the retainer

Store the retainer in the plastic case provided whenever you aren’t wearing it.

Retainer Wear

Patients must wear their retainer full-time (day & night) for one month after finishing treatment. At one month, you will schedule a retainer check to ensure it fits and is properly retaining your teeth.  Please bring your retainer to the appointment.  Most likely, you will be switched to night-time wear only.

Keeping your awesome smile is all up to you after your braces are removed—so plan on wearing the retainers as prescribed by your orthodontist!

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