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We recognize that each of our patients is unique and deserves to receive orthodontic care that reflects his or her individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit us. Our orthodontists, resident dentists, clinical staff, and administrative staff are here to ensure our patients’ experience is perfect.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family to our practice, and we look forward to providing you with the quality care you deserve.

Learn more about our clinical and administrative team leaders by clicking on their pictures below.

Hamza Benesselah
  • Hamza Benesselah
  • Clinical Coordinator
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David Collins
  • David Collins
  • Senior Systems Specialist & Service Desk Coordinator
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Carolina Benitez-Olvera
  • Carolina Benitez-Olvera
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Adriana Camacho
  • Adriana Camacho
  • Clinical Coordinator
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David Cook
  • David Cook
  • Software Developer & IT Systems Specialist
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Jennifer De La Cruz
  • Jennifer De La Cruz
  • Patient Experience Coordinator
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Celimar Delgado Reyes
  • Celimar Delgado Reyes
  • Front Desk Coordinator
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Lasaiah Davidson
  • Lasaiah Davidson
  • Insurance Manager
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Emily Fant
  • Emily Fant
  • Director of Clinical Operations
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Tiffany Frank
  • Tiffany Frank
  • Sr. Clinical Coordinator
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Alicia Gaines
  • Alicia Gaines
  • Clinical Assistant
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Jeanine Gochez
  • Jeanine Gochez
  • Front Desk Manager
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Inna Gringauz Allen
  • Inna Gringauz Allen
  • Sr. Marketing Manager
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Hannah Hale, J.D.
  • Hannah Hale, J.D.
  • General Council, Executive Vice President
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Deborah Harris
  • Deborah Harris
  • Sr. Clinical Coordinator
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Crystle Hayes
  • Crystle Hayes
  • Patient Experience Manager
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Kelly Hester
  • Kelly Hester
  • Executive Administrative Assistant
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Nigel Joseph
  • Nigel Joseph
  • Video Producer
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Mykera Miller
  • Mykera Miller
  • HR Administrator
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Celia Meegan
  • Celia Meegan
  • Clinical Research Manager
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Maria Mitchell
  • Maria Mitchell
  • Front Desk Manager
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Yuman Perez
  • Yuman Perez
  • Patient Accounts Supervisor
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Kamaria Richards
  • Kamaria Richards
  • Sr. Admissions Coordinator
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Dena Risher
  • Dena Risher
  • Director of Marketing & PR
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Alaini Rodriguez
  • Alaini Rodriguez
  • Program Manager
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Briseida Rodriguez
  • Briseida Rodriguez
  • Sr. Patient Experience Coordinator
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Supriya Sinha
  • Supriya Sinha
  • Sterilization Tech
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Ronda Smith
  • Ronda Smith
  • Sr. Program Manager
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Inez Taggart
  • Inez Taggart
  • Patient Care Supervisor
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Enyonam Tetteh
  • Enyonam Tetteh
  • Insurance Coordinator
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Evan Tanner
  • Evan Tanner
  • Director of IT
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Jennifer Webster
  • Jennifer Webster
  • Sr. Professional Relations Manager
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Aaron Van Wormer
  • Aaron Van Wormer
  • Sr. Systems Administrator & Audio Visual Specialist
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