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May 27, 2022 5 Steps to Choosing a Good Dentist for Your Family

Here at GSO, we know dentists are important: they lay the groundwork for everything we do. Finding the right dentist for you and your family is important, not just for regular checkups but also for any dental emergency. You never know when your 10-year-old may chip a tooth trying to get the cat out of the tree! However, finding a reliable family dentist is easier said than done. If you’re new to the Atlanta area, you are probably searching for one.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the right dentist in your area.

Step 1: Get a referral. Ask around to get an idea about the good dental services available in the area. You can always check the internet for a dental practice nearby, but if a friend or neighbor recommends someone, keep that in mind. If you don’t know who to ask, reading reviews online is also helpful to see if a practice has satisfied patients. To search for a local dentist, GSO recommends and has worked with our patients’ care, check out our Find a Dentist page.

Step 2: Ask relevant questions. Once you have zeroed in on a good dentist in the area, call them and ask questions about their availability, services, emergency management, and so on. Pay attention to whether they can answer the questions correctly, whether they keep you on hold, or if they seem rushed.

Step 3: Visit the clinic. Does it take too long to get there from your home? Are the front desk people nice? Is the place neat and clean? What is your feeling about the dental clinic? If you feel comfortable there, it may be a good match.

Step 4: Meet the dentist. It’s important to see the dentist and talk about your oral care concerns. While you are discussing things, ask whether prevention forms part of the dental care plan, what their specializations are, what happens when they aren’t available, and so on. If they listen to your concerns and answer your queries, this is a great sign.

Step 5: Learn about costs. Do they accept your dental insurance? Do they offer a treatment plan? How much do regular checkups, x-rays, and cleaning cost? You can always compare costs before you make a choice. Keep in mind, that cost isn’t everything when it comes to good care, but it may be a necessary consideration.

Finding the best dentists in Atlanta isn’t as difficult as it seems. Focus on what matters most:

· Qualification and experience of the dental practitioners

· Range of dental services available

· Affordability factor

· Comfortable about the place, the dentists, and the staff

It is, after all, about the dental health of you and your family. If you need help getting started, check out our Find a Dentist page, or call us at (770) 659-7286.

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