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Halloween Treats Do’s and Dont’s

The SCARY part of Halloween is what all those Halloween treats do to our patients’ teeth and appliances! Don’t get tricked! Please BEWARE of the following which can cause loose or broken appliances:

👻 No nuts in candy bars like Almond Joy or Snickers
🎃 No Hard Candy like Jolly Ranchers or Tootsie Pops
🧛No Chewy-gooey candy like Caramels, Gummy Bears,
Now n’ Laters and Sugar Daddiesies
We realize that it is not possible (and not Fun!) to expect our patients not to eat some candy on Halloween. Here are a few suggestions that MAY NOT damage appliances:
Hershey’s Plain Milk Chocolate, Cookies ‘n’ Cream, Mounds & KIT KAT, , Nestle Crunch and M, Kit-Kat, Hershey Cookies ‘n Cream, milky Way candy bars, Mounds
Remember to brush immediately right away after all meals and snacks. #Halloween #NationalOrthodonticHealthMonth

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