100% georgia-school American Board of Orthodontics Passage Rate

Four deserving children were selected to receive complimentary Orthodontic treatment.

Gift of a Smile Winners:
Solomon Michael Morrow, 12, Moore Middle School, Lawrenceville
De’ja Hart, 15, Couch Middle School, Grayson
Nicoli Alcantara, 14 , Sandy Springs Charter Middle School, Sandy Springs
My’Teiz Thomas, 8, Lake Forest Elementary School, Sandy Springs

Six Schools were selected to receive $500 in school supplies for submitting the most nominations.

School Contest Winners:
Creekland Middle School, 
Duluth Middle School, 
McConnell Middle School, 
Woodland Elementary School, 
Sandy Springs
Lake Forest Elementary School, 
Sandy Springs
High Point Elementary School, 
Sandy Springs

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