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Aug 10, 2020 GSO

It might seem like you’ve had a great night’s sleep, but why don’t you rest well? Worse, why is it that you wake up with:

An earache or ringing in your ears
A headache
Damaged or sensitive teeth
Aching in your jaw
Mouth and cheek bruising or dry mouth
An irritated partner who’s been kept up all night?

Grinding Teeth

You may be one of the millions of people who have a sleep-related condition called bruxism, better known as grinding teeth, if you experience any or all of these problems.

There are a variety of causes that have been associated with bruxism. As do lifestyle behaviors such as smoking and consuming alcohol or caffeine, stress and other negative emotions tend to cause symptoms. Sleep apnea may lead to your teeth grinding, or you might have issues with bite or tooth alignment. This condition may be caused by some drugs, and some studies have shown a genetic trend in families. There are many important reasons to stop as soon as you can, whatever the reason for grinding your teeth.

Cracked or Broken Teeth

Long-term damage to your teeth can develop over time, as severe as the nagging headaches and earaches that can follow bruxism can be. Enamel is prematurely rubbed away with continued grinding pressure on the teeth. The teeth can chip or crack. They can loosen or develop heat, cold, and pressure sensitivity. Tissue from gum may recede or become inflamed. There may be cracked or broken dental restorations.

Give our Atlanta or Gwinnett office a call if you or anyone in your house thinks that you are grinding your teeth at night! To help you calm your jaw, we can recommend calming methods, diet adjustments, or tips. A nightguard, a custom-fitted appliance worn when you sleep, may be recommended by our doctors or team at GSO Orthodontics to reduce the effect of grinding. Options are available. Let’s work together to make each night’s sleep a safe, restful one.

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