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Aug 24, 2020

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From pre-school through high school, your trusty manual toothbrush has been with you-well, probably not the same manual toothbrush, because that would be highly unhygienic, but it’s the kind of toothbrush you’re used to and familiar with.
However, you’re on your way to college now, and your lifestyle will be changing. Late night study session snacks and getting caught up in projects and dinners from the vending machine. Grabbing fast food on the way from class or to the practice field. You get the Idea- meals can be unplanned, and not so tooth-friendly.

And you know you need to stay on top of brushing and flossing more than ever if you are wearing braces or aligners. Brushing away cavity-causing plaque as it sticks around brackets and wires can be a challenge. And with aligners, the continuous cleansing action of saliva does not help the teeth as much, so it is very necessary to brush away plaque and food particles before replacing the aligners after eating.

Perhaps it’s time to think about an electric toothbrush. During busy college days anything that can make your life a little easier and more productive deserves a spot in your dorm room.

Are Electric toothbrushes more effective?

The most significant reason to choose an electric brush is its effectiveness. It has been shown that daily use of an electric toothbrush leads to a decrease in plaque, bacteria that adheres to the teeth and leads to cavities and gingivitis. And it’s really no surprise that an electric toothbrush beats a manual brush in performance and effectiveness.

From oscillating/rotating brushes to oscillating/rotating/pulsating versions to brushes using sonic vibration technology, electric toothbrushes offer many design choices. The ability to remove plaque even more effectively than we can on our own is what these technologies all have in common, since electric brushes have the equivalent of thousands and even tens of thousands of brushstrokes per minute, in comparison to the hundreds we can achieve by hand.

To discover how to use your brush around wires and brackets, there could be a bit of a learning curve. Ask our team at Georgia School of Orthodontics about the best approach to using your electric toothbrush with your braces, and check out brush heads specifically made for orthodontic appliances.

Electric toothbrushes should be safe, if you use buttons with aligners, to gently clean around them and eliminate built-up plaque. Usually, it’s better to stick with a manual brush to clean your aligners themselves. We are happy to give you the best cleaning choices, regardless of which brush you choose.

You know your brushing habits, and we know you have better things to do during your semester break and summer holidays than visiting Georgia School of Orthodontics! So make sure you set yourself up for success if you tend to be a little cavalier about your brushing and flossing habits.

Make Life a Little Easier With an Electric Toothbrush

Many of today’s electric brushes come with alternatives designed to do more than just get rid of plaque. Some modern electric brushes can let you know If you’ve brushed for the recommended two minutes, and inform you when it is time to change the brush head. If you’re brushing too hard, they can also alert you, which is particularly significant when you’re wearing braces.

Looking for more from your electric brush? Some models on the market offer apps that can tell you exactly where you’ve brushed, in case there are any spots that you might have missed. Or provide you with various brushing modes or include a travel case that can recharge while you’re on the road!

Ultimately it’s up to you! Do some of your own research and review potential brushes that will give you the best results for your individual needs. You may realize that you might not need all of the advanced technological features.

If you’re pleased with your manual toothbrush and you’re getting good grades when you visit our office in Atlanta or Gwinnett, stick with what you have. But if an electric toothbrush makes your teeth and gums healthier and your smile brighter and if you think you might benefit from the convenience and efficacy of an electric toothbrush, that’s extra credit worth seeking.

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