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May 20, 2022

If you are an Invisalign user, your orthodontist most likely instructed you about how to care for your aligners during the treatment. Invisalign consists of BPA-free thermoplastic, the highest-quality materials permitted by the FDA, meaning if you care for them, they can last a long time. Thankfully, taking care of your aligners is easier than you may think!

Invisalign Cleansing Techniques

You can wash your aligner under a soft stream of lukewarm water. Rotate the aligner so that all surfaces get rinsed, and then use a soft-bristled toothbrush to softly scrub away any tough particles. Scrub several times for effective cleanup.

If your aligners have become stained by food, there are several household items you can turn to. Aligners that are tarnished can be cleansed with a solution of equal parts cold water and distilled white vinegar. Simply rinse with the solution and follow up with a gentle brush.

If you don’t want to wash your Invisalign aligners by hand, the Invisalign website offers a special product specifically meant to clean them. The cleaner uses Invisalign cleanup crystals, which remove plaque in your containers within a quarter-hour.

Remember that your aligner should NEVER be laundered with hot water. Hot water can cause the plastic to warp, and this can keep your aligners from fitting correctly.

How to Prevent Staining

Sometimes brightly colored food or drink, such as blueberries or wine, can remain on your teeth after eating. When you reinsert your aligners, these remnants can cause stains on your aligner. Because of this, it is highly recommended that you simply brush your teeth before placing your aligners back in your mouth.

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