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Jun 04, 2021 How Do You Plan To Spend Your Summer Vacation?

One of the nicest parts of summer vacation is all of the time that you have! It’s time to spend time with friends, vacation, get a summer job, and relax after a long school year. Summer is also a fantastic time to begin orthodontic treatment if our doctors and team at Georgia School of Orthodontics have suggested braces.

Time to Give Our Office a Visit

Because many patients and their families are on vacation over the summer, it may be easier to get an appointment. You won’t have to disturb your school schedule as much, and you won’t have to work around after-school activities because your first visits are usually the longest.

Time to Get Adjusted to Your Orthodontic Appliance

Because the first few days after getting braces can be uncomfortable, you may find it more convenient and comfortable to stay at home. You’ll have plenty of time to get used to selecting and eating braces-friendly foods, to practice speaking effectively with your new braces or aligners, and to appreciate your new appearance.

Time to Incorporate New Dental Habits

You’ve gotten into the habit of brushing for two minutes at least twice a day and flossing at least once a day over the years. It’s now time to add some fresh movements to the mix. Brackets and wires collect food particles, increasing the risk of cavities, so you’ll need some new tools to keep your braces as clean as possible.

Brushes with heads developed specifically for cleaning around brackets are available. Floss threaders or floss made for braces can get floss in between wires and brackets. Interproximal brushes are small cone-shaped brushes that go around your braces and under your wires to remove food particles and plaque that are difficult to reach.

Developing a cleaning routine during the summer will allow you to swiftly clear up any lingering food particles during your lunch break or before after-school activities. You’ll also have a better idea of what dental equipment you’ll need in your locker.

Time to Make Modifications to Your After School Activities

Braces or aligners will give you a beautiful smile in the future, but they may necessitate certain changes in your daily routine in the present.

If you participate in sports that involve contact, a tailored mouthguard is the safest approach to protect your teeth, jaw, and braces in the event of a collision or a fall. As soon as you receive your braces, let us know what sports you participate in.

If you play a wind or reed instrument, you may need to change how you make music using your lips and teeth. It’s well worth the effort to learn how to cover brackets with dental wax and preserve your lips and mouth. If you’re taking lessons, ask to your instructor about the best method to adjust to your braces if your tone has been altered.

It may take some time to become comfortable with your articulation if you are in speech or acting. If you’re experiencing trouble with your regular pronunciation, talk to us for some terrific tips on how to get back to normal as soon as possible.

Summer has certain advantages in terms of giving you the time you need to get used to your braces or aligners. However, there is no such thing as a terrible moment to start orthodontic treatment. We’re here to make sure your treatment experience at our Atlanta and Gwinnett offices is a great one, whether it’s spring, summer, fall, or winter. After all, achieving a lifetime of gorgeous smiles is always a goal.

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