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Dec 07, 2022 Gift Ideas for the Person with Braces in Your Life

It’s the season for giving again, and everyone knows a couple people that are notoriously hard to shop for. Luckily, if that person just got braces, you have an opportunity to give them some useful goodies that can make their life in brackets a lot easier!

1. Put together a Braces Survival Kit

Save this person a couple of awkward moments by making them a braces survival kit! Gather some essentials like orthodontic wax, lip balm, floss threaders, travel toothbrush, toothpaste and a mini-mirror to check for food. For a cute, personal touch, pick a small bag for their kit in their favorite color or pattern.

2. Grab some braces-friendly snacks

People with braces want to satisfy their cravings just like the rest of us, but it can be hard when you’re not allowed certain foods! Steer clear of gum and peppermints and put together a bag of hot cocoa mix, soft cookies, chocolates, and any other chewy (but not sticky!) favorites.

3. Pick up a Waterpik

If you’ve had braces yourself, you know how hard it can be to floss in between brackets, but a tool like a water flosser can make all the difference! A Waterpik is a great way to maintain oral health without all the work of flossing, and the cool water can even soothe mouths that are sore from braces.

4. Look for a Braces Cookbook

If your loved one enjoys cooking, they may like a cookbook full of braces-friendly recipes! This can make eating safe foods an adventure and not a chore. Find an example here.

If you don’t have a loved one in braces, never fear! You can always give the gift of a straight, new smile! Visit to schedule your free consultation.

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