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Nov 06, 2023

It’s a common misconception that braces are just for teenagers. In today’s world, more adults than ever are deciding to align their smiles and improve their oral health. If you’ve been considering braces but feel you might’ve missed your chance, this guide is here to reassure you: it’s never too late to prioritize your smile.

Why Adults Choose Braces

Several factors drive adults towards orthodontic treatment:

1. Cosmetic Concerns: Over time, teeth can become crowded or spaced due to various reasons, affecting one’s confidence.

2. Oral Health: Misaligned teeth can lead to dental problems such as increased cavities or gum disease. Braces can correct these issues and reduce the risk of potential complications.

3. Addressing Previous Orthodontic Work: Some adults had braces as kids but didn’t wear their retainers, leading to shifting teeth.

4. Jaw Issues: Braces can help with problems related to the jaw or alignment issues causing discomfort or bite problems.

Types of Braces Available for Adults

Today’s orthodontic market offers various choices tailored to adult needs:

1. Traditional Metal Braces: The classic and often the most affordable option, these have become smaller and more comfortable over the years.

2. Ceramic Braces: Similar to metal braces but with tooth-colored or clear brackets, making them less noticeable.

3. Lingual Braces: Placed behind the teeth, they’re entirely hidden from view.*

4. Clear Aligners: Removable, almost invisible trays that gradually shift teeth into the desired position. The Georgia School of Orthodontics offers the REAL Invisalign® clear aligners instead of DIY at home aligners.

What to Expect as an Adult with Braces

Orthodontic treatment in adulthood may differ slightly from adolescent experiences:

1. Treatment Duration: Depending on the complexity of the case, adult treatment can last anywhere from 18 months to 36 months for complex cases that require dental surgery.

2. Bone Density: Adults have denser bone tissue than kids, so moving teeth might require more time or additional procedures.

3. Oral Health Foundation: Prior to getting braces, any existing oral health issues like gum disease or cavities must be addressed and a dental clearance from your dentist is required to proceed with treatment at GSO.

Benefits of Adult Orthodontic Treatment

1. Improved Aesthetics: Gain a confident, radiant smile.

2. Enhanced Oral Health: Reduce the risk of cavities, gum disease, and wear on teeth.

3. Boosted Self-Esteem: It’s more than just cosmetic; aligned teeth can provide a significant boost to one’s self-worth and confidence in professional and social settings.


Adult orthodontics is on the rise, thanks to advanced technology, diverse options, and a growing understanding of oral health’s significance. Remember, age is just a number when it comes to achieving the smile you’ve always desired.

For those in the metro Atlanta area, Georgia School of Orthodontics provides a range of orthodontic solutions tailored to adults. Our seasoned professionals combine cutting-edge techniques with compassionate care, ensuring you’re informed and comfortable throughout your orthodontic journey. Schedule a complimentary consultation today and take the first step towards a revitalized smile.

*The Georgia School of Orthodontics does not offer lingual braces.

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