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May 12, 2020 Sugary Treats and Braces: What to Avoid


Sugary Treats and Braces: What to Avoid

No one wants to hear the word Cavity!

Hearing that word for our patients wearing braces is especially unsettling, as any delay in dental work may result in delayed treatment time.

We often consider candy to be the cause of tooth decay; however, other foods and drinks can be just as harmful to your teeth and can result cavities and tooth decay. Proper diet is one of the key steps in keeping your teeth or your child’s teeth from decay during orthodontic treatment. Our Georgia School of Orthodontics team is here to explain the negative effects that candy and other treats have on your child’s teeth during orthodontic treatment.

Half of your child’s sugar intake may come from beverages such as soft drinks, but be mindful of fruit juice. After consuming sugar, it can sit on your child’s teeth and in between and under brackets and wires; remember that sugar is not the only cavity-causing offender. Acids, Carbohydrates, starches, and any food that is chewy or sticky break down into sugars and can lead to tooth decay.

Are there any alternatives?

Dark chocolate, sugar-free gum, or anything that contains xylitol, a sugar substitute, is not as damaging to your teeth as hard, chewy, or sticky treats. Sugar-free gum is known to cut down on levels of bacteria in teeth.

Another braces-friendly alternative is cutting up easy-to-eat fruits and vegetables. You would also be surprised how much eating a banana or drinking a glass of water helps control your snack cravings.
If you just can’t stay away from those sweet treats, our Georgia School of Orthodontics team encourages you to brush your teeth immediately afterward and swish your mouth with water.

Whatever you eat, our doctors and team want you to remember to brush and floss every day and visit your dentist regularly as your treatment progresses. If you have any questions about sugary treats or drinks, please give us a call or ask us during your next visit.

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