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Invisalign® as low as $119/month!*

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A new smile is a priceless investment, but shouldn’t cost a fortune. Since GSO is an accredited school Invisalign® costs up to 50% less than private practice orthodontic care.** Check us out and compare!

Simply complete the form below to request a complimentary consultation or call us at 770-628-5441.

*New patients have three payment options for $3,599. May pick $119 or $132 monthly payments (initial payment required) or ONE Pay price of $3,239 reflects 10% Paid-In-Full Discount. PIF cannot be combined with other discounts. Offer expires: 6/30/24
**Based on estimated median treatment costs as reported in the 2023 Journal of Clinical Orthodontics Practice Study (Oct-Dec 2023 JCO issue).

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