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The Best Decision

Wynter F, Yelp

I absolutely love GSO. I had gone to a couple of appointments in 2017 but my teeth were not quite ready for braces so I had to wait. After getting my teeth cleaned a couple more times and doing everything necessary to make sure they were ready for treatment I made another appointment for a complimentary consultation. This time I was ready, and all of the employees that knew I was disappointed last year were so excited for me. I got my braces put on in March and my teeth have already shown so much progress in just a short time. GSO has the latest technology and my payments are super affordable, which is the only way I can afford braces. I love all of the employees because they always know who I am when I walk in. Also, Dr. Dalton is fantastic! I adore her and she makes me feel at ease even when she is making my teeth hurt. I have over a year and a half left of treatment but I know that my teeth are going to look fantastic when it is all said and done. Getting my braces done here was the best decision.


My daughter just recently came in for a new patient appointment and I was very pleased with the staff, the professionalism, how nice and clean the office is, and the state of the art technology. We drive from Athens to the Duluth location and it is well worth it. My daughter is scheduled to start treatment in a few weeks and she is so excited! Also, we recently won a GSO contest for free Blake Shelton tickets and when I showed up to the wrong location to pick up the tickets, your marketing coordinator was the best, she actually drove closer to our home in Athens to meet me and give us the tickets so we could make it to the show on time! What a blessing! Thank you so much GSO! You guys are awesome!

We Drive From Athens

Lindsey H.


Highly Recommend Them

Christel M.

Aris, Patient Relations, and Dr. Ted Markos are always treating us with kindness and respect. We have been blown away with everyone’s customer service here. I took my son to four different practices to compare cost, treatment plans, and their equipment. The Georgia School of Orthodontics has the best, state of the art imaging, graphics, models, and treatment plans, and at less than half the cost. I highly recommend them. Tell them Jesse referred you (that’s my son)!


The staff is warm and knowledgeable. The doctors are caring and attentive. The office space is first class. There is minimal to no wait time. And best of all, it is a fraction of the price of braces anywhere else!

Caring and Attentive

Erica B.


A Wonderful Experience

Leslie B.

I cannot say enough about how thankful I am that we found Georgia School of Orthodontics. They have been so professional, courteous and caring for my daughter. It has been a wonderful experience all the way around! I recommend them to everyone.

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