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Jun 29, 2020 Keeping Your Breath Fresh While Wearing Braces

Fresh Breath While Wearing Braces

At Georgia School of Orthodontics, we know our patients have a lot going on in their busy lives, whether it’s school, work, or simply socializing, and we know that putting a confident face forward is important. Part of that confidence, especially with braces, comes from knowing that your breath is its freshest and cleanest.

It’s understandable that often, this time of your life can make that goal seem challenging. Let’s examine a couple ways to keep your smile it’s brightest and freshest in any social setting.

Your Diet is Important

Pungent food choices like garlic and onions are the obvious culprits when it comes to bad breath, but did you know that sugars and simple carbs are the preference for bacteria when it comes to gingivitis, bath breath, and decay? Eating a nutritious, braces-friendly diet is essential to keep your mouth, your braces and your breath healthy.

And It’s not just what you eat. Those caffeinated drinks and sodas that keep you alert throughout the day are the cause of acid and sugars that lead to tooth decay, gum disease, and unpleasant breath. Water, milk, and healthy smoothies are good drink options to stay hydrated, add vitamins and minerals to your diet and keep your teeth strong and healthy. Remember to stay hydrated, as dehydration can lead to bad breath.

Keep Your Oral Hygiene in Check

Life can become pretty hectic, and when you’re always on the go, it might be challenging to keep your teeth and gums their cleanest, but good hygiene habits are just as crucial now as they were when you were younger.

To help get rid of cavity causing bacteria and plague, remember to brush after every meal, snack, and floss daily to get rid of cavity-causing bacteria and plague. Bacteria on our tongues can also cause bad breath, so finish off your hygiene routine by gently brushing your tongue or using a tongue scraper.

Our doctors and team at Georgia School of Orthodontics recommend flossing once a day, but wearing braces could require flossing more often to get rid of all those food particles that can become trapped in brackets and wires. Remember, flossing helps keep your gums healthy, keeping your breath healthy. Studies have shown that hormonal changes in teenagers can mean your gums are more at risk for periodontal problems, which can lead to bad breath, so don’t forget to floss to protect your gums!

And make sure to visit your dentist for regular checkups and cleanings. Your dentist and hygienist will let you know if you’re on track for healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath.

Wearing Braces

Getting to all of those tight places in your braces that trap food particles is an essential part of careful brushing and flossing. Food particles cause plaque to build up, leading to tooth decay and bad breath. Our Georgia School of Orthodontics team can advise you of the best techniques for keeping your braces their cleanest, even in those hard-to-reach places, with suggestions for brushing and flossing. We can also suggest the best and easiest to use products for your braces and recommend antibacterial mouthwash.

Wearing Aligners

Because aligners are removed before you eat, it’s easier to forget that they also need care. Follow instructions at our Atlanta or Gwinnett office for proper daily aligner cleaning to prevent saliva and plaque from sticking to your aligners and causing bad odors. Always brush before you replace aligners after eating a meal or even snacking—otherwise, you’re just trapping the food particles that cause cavities or odors next to your teeth.

And remember, keep up with your solid dental routines, make sure your braces or aligners are clean and plaque-free, and show the world your healthiest, freshest, most confident smile!

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