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Apr 22, 2022

Here at GSO, we know there is no Planet B! That’s why we are a digitized business to reduce paper and conserve natural resources. Our clinics are 100% digital! Our Atlanta office also operates out of a Certified LEED Gold building, which means that 90% of our lighting purchases are sustainable and our water usage is 30% below average.

This year, we’re challenging our patients to do what they can
for our planet. Try implementing these strategies in your dental routine:

-Look for toothbrushes made from recycled or
biodegradable materials.

-Reuse old toothbrushes to clean grout, scrub jewelry, or get the hard-to-reach gunk out of your water bottle!

-Opt for floss made from silk instead of plastic and look for eco-friendly containers.

And of course…

-Turn off the water while you brush!

There are plenty of ways that you can do your part to protect Mother Nature. Consider ride shares, recycling, and volunteering in your community. Let’s all work together towards a greener future. Happy Earth Day!

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